Questions to Ask Your Roofing Company in the McHenry Area

When you are ready to purchase a new roof for your home or business, or when an emergency strikes and leaves you with an unexpected roof purchase, it is wise to work with the right roofing company. However, a quick online search will not give you all the information you need for finding a reliable, experienced, and exceptional roofing company in the McHenry area. Instead, knowing the questions to ask when first interviewing roofing contractors will help narrow your choices and point you to the right decision.

Will You Take Care of Permits?

A new roof requires a permit from the city of McHenry. However, it can be time-consuming and somewhat confusing if you are left to get the permit on your own. When interviewing potential roofing companies, inquire if they will take care of the permitting side of things on your behalf.

Can You Help With My Insurance?

If you are in an emergency situation and dealing with the aftermath of a fire, windstorm, or hail, you must work with your home insurance company as you repair damages. Again, working with your insurance company can feel cumbersome. Inquire with the roofing companies you speak with if they will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and if they have experience doing so.

Do You Have References?

It’s always nice to see and hear about references, so don’t be afraid to ask potential contractors for them. It can help you know if the company is well-respected in the area, reliable, and timely. They may even be able to give you addresses of recent work in your area so that you can drive by and see for yourself.

Can You Help With My Siding Too?

Homeowners sometimes choose to invest in roofing and siding as a joint project or as two projects within the same year. If you are curious about replacing your siding, ask the contractor if they can also help with that. 

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