Insurance Claims

When your home or business property has been damaged by a storm, fire, or other disaster, you may not know where to turn to get your home repaired as quickly as possible. While your first stop is to contact your home or property insurance company, you should quickly work with an experienced home exterior installation company as well. 

At Roberts Restorations, we have more than ten years experience working directly with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. We are able to make the repair process easier, and less stressful, for the home and business owners we work for.

What We Do

The team at Roberts Restorations is staffed with an Insurance Claim Specialist, who is prepared to assist in all aspects of your insurance claim and follow up. We will take care of communication, mediation, and preparation of any settlement with your insurance company. We want to be sure you receive the maximum payment for your property damage, so we will review the policy with you and the insurance company to assure this happens. We arrange for inspections of your property and negotiate the settlement on your behalf. If we determine the insurance company is not paying the correct value of the loss, we will advise you of your rights and next steps.

Working with us also means we minimize your stress and any problems that could arise. When we take care of preparing, documenting, negotiating, and finalizing the claim, you can rest assured your best interests were at the forefront of every decision.

Exceptional Repairs

Once we have secured your maximum insurance payout, we can begin to guide you through the repair process. We will be available to assist you in choosing materials that meet your style preferences and budget, and will provide you with our team of installation professionals who will transform your property within just a few days. You will love the results and will appreciate the ease of the process as well.

Contact the team at Roberts Restorations to schedule your free inspection. We are ready to work with you, and on your behalf.